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Brent Bailey is a 15 year old boy, and a survivor of Oceanic Flight 614.

Before the IslandEdit

Brent was a soccer player at Woodwar. When he didn't get chosen for the team, he lied to his father about getting chosen. At practice time for the team, he hid in the school bathroom. One day after school, Brent's dad didn't come to school to pick him up, so he grew worried. When he couldn't contact either of his parents, he called 911.

On the IslandEdit

Season 1Edit

Once he arrived on the Island, he was hit immediately by an arrow and was paralyzed by it. He later woke up, and was taken to the Others' cages by Hannah. A warlock there told him that he was protecting Brent from "that thing", and told him that he was vulnerable to it, and that he's not a candidate, but refused to say more. Later, Marie, Elodie, Danny and Gretchen were also taken to the cages. He was later rescued by Joshie Orson, who opened the cages, except Gretchen's. Jessica told him to take Marie back to the camp. They were found later by Jason and Eric.

Brent didn't agree with telling Jeanette that she would not make it, and got in an argument with Harry. After she died, Brent told the camp about what the warlock told him.

While going to get food, Brent saw a boar and threw a knife at it, but it ran away. Then, he found Jessica at the edge of the cliff and went to look for help, but was stabbed with a knife by Olivia.

Season 2Edit

To discover who the fake was, Brent hid all the guns. He later found the flight manifest, so that the fake would be revealed as Olivia. He went with Jessica's group to talk to The Others. When they arrived, he recognized his missing mother, Meg, and was reunited with her.


Brent is sometimes selfish, but he cares about people and tries to help. He is afraid of guns, and is shown as talkative and sometimes "annoying".


Harry doesn't like Brent, to the point of slapping him.

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