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Carey Fillion
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Jean-Paul Fillion - Ex-Husband
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Emilie Fillion - Daughter
Marie Fillion - Daughter

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Carey Fillion is a 35 year old survivor of Oceanic Flight 614.

Before the CrashEdit

Carey went to France when he was 22 and fell in love with Jean-Paul Fillion. They married and had three children (Paul, Emilie, and Marie), whom Elodie babysat for, but divorced when Carey was 30, after getting into a fight. She was picking up her children from France, when the plane crashed on the island.

On the IslandEdit

Season 1Edit

Carey stayed behind to care for her children, when Jessica and her group went to find Brent. But after they left, The Others came to the camp and shot everyone will paralyzing darts. When Carey awoke, Marie was gone, and Carey became frantic. But shortly after, Brent returned with Marie. She demanded to have a gun, and because of her children as "proof", she got to keep one.

Season 2Edit

Carey stayed behind again, with her children. She convinced Eric to go with Jessica to find The Others.

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