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Jessica Sampson is a 23 year old survivor of Oceanic Flight 614. When she was growing up, her mom somehow died unexpectedly. She ran away from home at age 18, and was scammed out of all of her money by a modeling agency. When she returned to her father a year later, he shunned her, and died several days later of a heart attack. When Oceanic Flight 614 crashed, she formed a relationship with Eric, and began taking on a leadership role, leading survivors to and away from The Others.

Before the CrashEdit

Running awayEdit

Jessica left her father when she was 18, to be a model. The man who worked for the modeling agency scammed her out of $15,000, so she returned home to be with her father. He rejected her however, saying "Go be a prostitute or something!". Jessica then angrily wished his death, and found him several days later, dead of a heart attack.

On the IslandEdit

Season 1Edit

After the crash, Jessica instantly formed a relationship with survivor Eric. When Brent was kidnapped by The Others, she led a group of people to search for him. When they reached The Others' camp, Jessica and Joshie Orson freed Brent, Elodie, Marie, and Danny, then escaped with Joshie, Elodie, and Danny by jumping off a cliff. Danny was killed by the smoke monster, and when a storm hid, Jessica decided the retreat back to a cave, while Joshie and Elodie swam in the storm. She contacted Brent from below, but he was attacked, so she had to climb up the cliff herself, and join the survivors.

Season 2Edit

When Elodie and Joshie returned to the camp, and climbed up a rope, Jessica saved Elodie when the rope was cut by an unknown "survivor". Later, with the help of a flight manifest found by Brent, Jessica figured out that Olivia was not a survivor. The survivors tried to chase after her, but she disappeared. Deciding the survivors were unsafe, Jessica gave a speech and offered to lead a group to The Others to get information, and to stay safe. Several survivors followed her, including Eric, after being convinced by Carey. They reached The Others, and found information about the island, and who The Others were.


Jessica is very brave, and fights for what she believes in. As stated by Harry, she is "not the brightest crayon in the box", and can be manipulated easily. However, she often proves him wrong, and is kind hearted.

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