Scammed is the third episode of The Story of the Island. Jessica wakes up, and returns to the camp. In flashbacks, she is scammed out of $15,000.

On IslandEdit

Jessica wakes up and Eric is gone. She sees that Brent is missing, and runs back to the survivors' camp. She asks Eric why he left he, but he is interrupted by Brent's scream.


A man who works for a modeling agency plans to meet Jessica at The Hard Rock Cafe and tells her to bring $15,000 to get her started.

At Hard Rock CafeEdit

The man takes Jessica's money and drives away.


Jessica wakes up.

Jessica: Hello? Eric??


Model agency dude: Ok, Ms. Sampson, meet me monday at the Hard Rock Cafe at 3, and we will discuss your career.

Jessica: Gotcha. So how many shoots in the next month?

Modeling agency dude: [Chuckles] Honey, wait until Monday! And bring...

Jessica: $25,000.

M.a.d.: -To get ya started!

Jessica: Can I see...some papers or something?

M.a.d.: You are one impatient little future supermodel. Tomorrow.

Jessica laughs.

Back on island

Jessica: Where are you, Eric?

She sees Judie's body, but that Brent it missing

Jessica: Eric!!

She runs back to the survivor's camp.


In Hard Rock Cafe

Jessica meets the M.a.d.

M.a.d.: Money?

Jessica: Papers?

M.a.d.: Course.

He hands her a form. Jessica reads it, and signs at the bottom.

M.a.d.: Now..a check?

She writes him a check for $25,000. He grabs it and runs, hops into his car, and a driver drives away.

Jessica cries out.

On Island

Jessica gets back to the survivors.

Jessica: Why did you leave me? Where's Brent??

Eric: I'm sorry, I don't know.

They hear a scream in the distance.

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