• Heyjude614


    October 15, 2010 by Heyjude614

    ok, guys ocie14 is leaving. and she writes my story so no new episodes till she comes back.

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  • Heyjude614

    Hey guys!

    October 14, 2010 by Heyjude614

    I am banned on Lostpedia....forever. :( I am still here though, so please don't leave. I will miss you Julietfan, Metroid, Ocie, and everyone else!!

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  • Heyjude614

    What needs to be done

    October 3, 2010 by Heyjude614

    1. Full character articles for

    • Eric
    • Joshie Orson
    • Elodie
    • Carey

    2. Episode articles for

    • Pilot
    • Mugged
    • The City of Love
    • Mugged
    • No.
    • Searching
    • Away
    • Mystery Attack
    • Season 1 Finale

    3. Pictures (I will do these) on

    • Jason
    • Veronica

    4. More users! Tell your friends, tweet the link, mention it on other Wikis, etc.

    5. Infoboxes for

    • Eric
    • Joshie
    • Elodie
    • Carey
    • All the supporting characters

    6. Article extensions for

    • The Others (Group) - Metroid101 (under construction)
    • Oceanic Flight 614

    Ok, thanks everyone sooo much 4 helping out!!! And, I don't expect you guys to finish all of this. I will do my part. It's just a list of stuff to do when your bored. If you complete a task, I will put it in italics on here, and mark your name.

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  • Heyjude614

    who is hottest?

    October 3, 2010 by Heyjude614

    judging by the cartoon ppl ive made, who is the most attractive character?

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  • Heyjude614

    Part 1

    The plane has just crashed.

    Carey: Paul?!? Paul?!!!?!? [To Veronica] Have you seen my son, brown hair, about 5 feet?

    Veronica: What? Who are - HELP! MY ARM IS SCRAPED!

    Mackenzie: Calm down, I need to help the people with more...serious issues.

    Carey sees Paul.

    Carey: [In French] Oh, are you okay, honey?

    Paul nods.

    Part 2 (three days later)

    Eric: Am I the only one that thinks it's kinda weird that we haven't been rescued yet?

    Jessica: No. Just keep working. We have a whole camp to built. [Turns to Brent] Hey!'re tying that sheet wrong!

    Brent: What? Um, sorry. You wanna do it?

    Jessica: I'm a little busy building a shelter that has to last us until those meatheads get the radio equipment working, and we get off this goddamn island!


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