Part 1

The plane has just crashed.

Carey: Paul?!? Paul?!!!?!? [To Veronica] Have you seen my son, brown hair, about 5 feet?

Veronica: What? Who are - HELP! MY ARM IS SCRAPED!

Mackenzie: Calm down, I need to help the people with more...serious issues.

Carey sees Paul.

Carey: [In French] Oh, are you okay, honey?

Paul nods.

Part 2 (three days later)

Eric: Am I the only one that thinks it's kinda weird that we haven't been rescued yet?

Jessica: No. Just keep working. We have a whole camp to built. [Turns to Brent] Hey!'re tying that sheet wrong!

Brent: What? Um, sorry. You wanna do it?

Jessica: I'm a little busy building a shelter that has to last us until those meatheads get the radio equipment working, and we get off this goddamn island!

Elodie: I show him to tie sheet.

Jessica: Oh, what? Okay, thanks.

Joshie: No, I'll show him. I got it.

Elodie: What is your name?

Joshie: Joshua Orson Burkley Hodge...but you can just call me Josh.

Elodie: [laughs] My name is E. But you call me Elodie Christine Celine Dupont

Joshie: Alright.

Elodie: Back to sheet?

Joshie: Back to the sheet, okay. I'll show...

Brent: Brent.

Joshie: I'll show Brent how to tie the sheet correctly.

He ties it wrong. Elodie takes it from him and ties it correctly. They laugh.

Part 3 (a week later)

Eric, Jessica, and Brent are out hunting. Suddenly, Brent and Jessica are shot with arrows. Eric calls out for them, but he is almost hit with an arrow, so he runs back to the camp.

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